What We Provide

• 2D Working Drawings

• 3D Surface Models

• Conceptual Sketches

• Full Size / Scale Models

• Mechanical Design ​

• Prototype / Production Marine Interiors

Paul Gallup and Gary Bridges are the founders and principals of Marine Systems Design. Paul and Gary have a close working relationship that has been in the making for more than 15 years. Paul and Gary share a passion for design and have a broad skill set to offer our clients.

Who We Are

Experienced and Reliable

Gary Bridges has over 30 years experience in product development, engineering and transportation interior development with the automotive and marine industries. Paul Gallup has over 20 years experience in mechanical design and drafting. His background includes managing new products fromdevelopment to production in the marine industry. Paul has a B.S. Degree from East Carolina University in Industrial Technology.